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SleepPhones® Wireless - Dorm Sleep Aid
SleepPhones® Wireless - Dorm Sleep Aid


SleepPhones® Wireless - Dorm Sleep Aid

Top Features include:
  • Superior sound quality - Easy Bluetooth® pairing to smartphones or computers
  • Noise reducing headband construction - Made of hypoallergenic fleece fabric
  • Removable Speakers for machine washing
  • Rechargeable battery - USB charger included
BONUS: FREE iPhone® App and FREE downloadable sleep sounds online
Retail Price $99.95
Student Discount Price $89.98
You Save: $9.97
Dorm Co. Tip: A good daily nap goes a long way

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SP-SB6BM-US

When you move into your college dorm room, everything you do and have is basically shared with your college roommate. That includes your food, your living space, and any sleeptime or relaxing music you like to listen to. Sometimes that make for a great exchange of music and sometimes it creates uncomfortable tensions within your small dorm room. Stop frustrations before they happen and still enjoy your music, whether while hanging out or for sleep, with our SleepPhones® Wireless - Dorm Sleep Aid. Our SleepPhones® are designed with superior speakers for great quality of sound and the Easy Bluetooth® pairing makes it easy to connect to smartphones or computers in your college dorm room or while out on campus. And don’t forget to download our FREE iPhone® App to connect your new SleepPhones® to free sleep sounds to make your nights in your dorm room a little easier.

Our hypoallergenic fleece fabric reduces noise and fits snug around your head for a comfortable fit no matter if you’re sleeping in your Twin XL dorm bed or just hanging out listening to music in your dorm room and don’t want to be distracted by your roommate. Also perfect for use while traveling on airplanes and buses, or for long study session in the library when your headphones become uncomfortable! And of course, your can remove your wireless speakers from your SleepPhones® for an easy and wash, and with a rechargeable battery (USB charger included) you’ll never have to worry about fighting with your college roommate about nighttime or afternoon music.

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