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Silverware Caddy
Silverware Caddy College Supplies


Silverware Caddy

Top Features include:
  • Small, compact silverware caddy with handle
  • One side has three slots for silverware, the other side holds napkins
  • Don't get the cheap plastic disposable flatware
Retail Price $6.85
Student Discount Price $4.99
You Save: $1.86
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep your silverware and napkins organized in one spot!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SC-12-292


You've planned on eating in your dorm room occasionally and you have also bought your dorm eating sets with plates, bowls and cups and you have your dorm silverware. You may have a pretty good idea where you are going to store your dorm plates, bowls and cups. After all, those items are easily stackable. But have you thought where you are going to store your silverware? Dorm silverware are those dorm essentials that you have no idea where to store. Sure, you can stick them in one of your dorm cups but when you are going to use that cup, you have to take all those dorm silverware pieces out and put them somewhere else. And you can't really have a designated dorm silverware cup because when you have guests over or you don't feel like washing dishes, you're going to need to use that cup!

Solve the dorm silverware problem with our Silverware Caddy! Our Dorm Silverware Caddy is a compact option that will hold all of your dorm silverware and cooking utensils! It is compact enough to not take up a lot of space on your dorm shelves and with two color options, you can choose which will look best with your dorm room decor. Our Dorm Silverware Caddy has a handle so you can easily move it from place to place, especially if you plan on eating or cooking in the dorm kitchen on your floor. One side of this handy Dorm Silverware Caddy has three slots to hold your silverware while the other side has a large slot to keep napkins conveniently close by!

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