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Silicone Ironing Mat
College Laundry Supplies Colorful Ironing Board Cover Dorm Room Iron Silicone Rest


Silicone Ironing Mat - Assorted Colors

Top Features include:
  • Provides a non-slip surface to keep your iron in place
  • Top spikes provide air flow to help your iron cool down after use
  • Heat-resistant silicone withstands temperatures up to 445°F
  • A dorm room essential to pair with your iron

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Product Code: IB49-HDS-030

There are a lot of appliances that you are not allowed to have in your dorm room. Every college is different, but most restrict the use of humidifiers, space heaters, toaster ovens, and other dorm gadgets that, to be honest, could make dorm life a little easier. However, one dorm item you may be surprised to find is permitted by most universities is a clothes iron! If you want to look good for class or you’re planning on landing a college internship, keeping your clothes looking crisp and freshly ironed is a must. That is why we recommend bringing along this unexpected dorm essential that most college students forget about! However, if you want to avoid setting off the smoke alarm in your dorm room, you’ll want this one dorm safety product to prevent any ironing accidents.

A Silicone Ironing Mat is a must-have dorm item that makes doing laundry in college and ironing in your dorm room a little bit safer. If you set your hot clothes iron down directly on the ironing board, it can create steam and, if left unattended, may start overheating. This can cause your dorm fire alarm to start ringing, which means the whole dorm hall will be evacuated… and you’ll probably get your clothes iron confiscated. Use an iron mat with heat resistant silicone to prevent this embarrassing college mistake. A silicone iron rest can make the difference between a successful ironing session and ruining everyone’s afternoon with an emergency dorm evacuation. This high quality silicone mat for irons is a cheap dorm essential that every college student needs in their dorm room!

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