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Shake N Wake Vibrating Alarm Clock
A better way to wake up!

Shake N Wake Vibrating Alarm Clock

Top Features include:
  • Wakes with a gentle Vibration
  • Wrap - For Your Bed Post or Wrist
  • Compact, lightweight & portable
  • College roommate friendly
Retail Price $29.95
Student Discount Price $19.94
You Save: $10.01
Dorm Co. Tip: Set your alarm to curb your lengthy nap time

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Product Code: E-BIN-21-15105

Our Vibrating Alarm Clock is perfect for college dorm living. There are many features that make this an ideal dorm room alarm clock, but there are two in particular that make this dorm product a must have.

The first is its ability to wrap. The wrap can be used around your wrist, but in college that is a little odd, so we recommend wrapping the band around your bedpost. For incoming freshmen this may not seem to be all that useful until you realize that if your bed is on the top bunk or you have a lofted bed that it is impossible to have a bedside table. Even if you are able to add a bed post shelf or bedside organizer, chances are your alarm clock will need to stay in bed with you. If you opt not to keep your alarm clock in bed that means it could be across the room on your desk. This means you'll be jumping in and out of bed to turn your alarm clock off or check the time. Too much hassle!! Since this Vibrating Alarm Clock has a band you can attach it to your bedpost or wrist. By wrapping it around your Twin XL bedpost you are ensured that your alarm clock won't fall to the ground. You can also keep this alarm clock tucked under your pillow which due to the
lightweight and compact size won't affect your comfort, yet it will provide you with the nearby alarm clock you need.

The second great feature is this alarm clock's vibrating ability. Not only does it wake you up in a more gentle manner, it also ensures your roommate isn't disturbed either. Dorm living is all about courtesy to your fellow roomie. If you can wake up without a blow horn, then why not let your roommate sleep in if they don't have to get up as early as you? The other reason the vibrating feature is a must have is that college cat naps are very common. You might find yourself dozing off at the library, a campus common area or even in class. If you set your Vibrating Alarm Clock you can be confident that you don't turn a public cat nap into a 3 hour problem. The gentle vibration will wake you without making it look like someone set you on fire!

The Shake N Wake is great for:
  • Roommates on different schedules
  • Catching a cat nap in the library or campus common area
  • Deep sleepers who are not effected by traditional alarms
  • People who prefer to wake to a kinder Wake-Up Alarm
  • Hearing impaired


  • Travel Pouch
  • Lead Free Assembly
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Switchable Audible / Vibrating Alarm
  • Snooze Alarm
  • Pillow Tether
  • Large back lit display
  • One Year Warranty

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