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Oh Sweetie Bare - Coma Inducer® Sham - Shadow
Shadow Green Microfiber and Plush Standard Size Pillow Sham for Twin XL Dorm Beds

Oh Sweetie Bare - Coma Inducer® Sham - Shadow

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Dorm Co. Tip: Sleep is important - Go for soft, dorm bedding!
Dimensions: 21" x 27"

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Product Code: J1J-605-2-SHDW-SSHAM

Inspired by someone who just doesn't understand. Imagine telling your good friend how great our Coma Inducer® Bedding truly is and imagine their reply being "well, how soft and cozy could it really be?" The only thing you can say is "Oh Sweetie"... It's endearingly condescending, yet it's slightly sympathetic to their lack of understanding. How could they know that you found the coziest, plushiest, slice of heavenly sleep inducing oversized bedding that could possibly exist? Boasting a thick 470 GSM faux fur front, coupled with the silky plush Bare Bottom® material on the reverse side, our Oh Sweetie Bare Coma Inducer® is one of a kind! It's perhaps the only plush bedding that makes you feel a little bit bad for anyone who's not in the know. The only bedding that elicits you to say "Oh Sweetie, you just have to touch it to believe it!"

Move-in day is a big event in the life of a college student. In the process of moving all your new dorm stuff into your college dorm room, you can really transform this new space into your perfect home away from home. Some incoming freshmen choose to go all-out when it comes to cool dorm decor, with fun dorm lights, dorm tapestries, and college throw pillows galore. Other high school grads prefer simple dorm essentials that will last them from move-in day all the way to graduation. No matter if you prefer the over the top dorm room decor look or you just want to stick to the necessary dorm items on your college essentials list, there are a few dorm accessories that can look good in your dorm room AND serve a purpose! For example, a designer pillow cover can add to the look of any girl’s or guy’s dorm decor, while providing a comfy spot to rest your head at night.

If you really want a dorm pillow cover that maxes out your cool dorm vibes and makes your dorm bedding more comfortable, look no further than our Oh Sweetie Bare - Coma Inducer® Sham - Shadow. This plush pillow cover features downy faux fur for a fuzzy texture that will stand out on your Twin XL dorm bed, with a soft to the touch feel that is undeniably cozy. And in a unique sage green bedding color scheme, this furry pillow case can look great in any dorm room decor for guys or girls alike! Better yet, if you are more concerned about having a soft pillow sham for dorm pillows than something stylish, you’ll love the reverse side of this sage pillow cover. With our signature Bare Bottom® spandex-infused microfiber, don’t be surprised if you start dozing off as soon as your head hits this dorm room pillow case!

Includes (1) Standard Sham: 21" x 27"

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