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Radiant Dorm Desk Lamp - Purple
Needed For College Studying - Radiant Dorm Desk Lamp - Purple - Decorating Your Dorm

Radiant Dorm Desk Lamp - Purple

Top Features include:
  • Flexible, sturdy neck to get the angle you need
  • When studying or reading, extra lighting helps prevent eyestrain
  • Plugs in for power
  • Overhead lights aren't reading lights. Round out your dorm supplies!
Retail Price $30.09
Student Discount Price $12.50
Sale Price: $6.25
You Save: $23.84
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm lights are essential for reading at your desk or in bed!
Dimensions: 21" H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: R2-2-3-A21071DP

When isn't purple the best color to choose? Not when it comes to any of your college dorm supplies! Bringing some color to otherwise standard college supplies is an easy way to keep dorm life fun. Since you'll most likely be using this desk lamp for college while you're studying, you'll need some motivation to pull you through, even if it's something as simple as a fun color. The Radiant Dorm Desk Lamp - Purple will shed some light on any old textbook that you happen to be reading. But don't think that this college supply will be useful only while you're studying. If that overhead light is too dim, switch on this desk lamp for some additional lighting.

Since this lamp plugs in for power, you can place it near your dorm bed to study in bed. You can also try placing it atop your college shelf or dresser to give some more light to your whole room. The nice thing about cheap desk lamps is that you can angle and adjust them to provide just the lighting you need. So shine that spotlight on your textbook and get that reading done! This cool dorm supply will be with you throughout college, yet fortunately its light-shining capabilites and its purple-pink color won't get dull!

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