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Quick-Dry College Towel
Shopping Essential For Dorms - Quick-Dry College Towel - Useful Supply For College Students


Quick-Dry College Towel

Top Features include:
  • A Towel unlike any towel you've ever used!
  • Designed to dry quickly (Only 5 minutes in the dryer) - Can also Hand Dry (Saves Energy & Cost!)
  • Designed to take up less space (1/3 the space of regular towels with the same dimensions)
  • A Perfect Towel for College Dorm Life by DormCo's College Ave series of Dorm Products
Size Options: Standard Towel Size (30" x 58") & Oversized Bath Sheet Towel Size (40" x 70")

Retail Price $12.89
Student Discount Price $8.88
You Save: $4.01
Dorm Co. Tip: Towels that don't require the Dryer save $$$

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: E-F-AISLE-QDCT

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A dorm room towel is a vital part of your college shopping supplies. However, not all dorm towels are created equal! Towels for college are one of the most used dorm room supplies, yet they can be somewhat impractical, believe it or not. A wet towel takes hours to dry—meaning if you shower in the morning, then go play intramural sports for an hour, it'll be time to hit the communal bathroom shower again. But what if that dorm towel is still wet? Are you going to borrow your roommate's? We don't think that's going to be a well-received idea. With our Quick-Dry College Towel, it'll dry much faster in the dryer. It's truly ideal for college students to use.

If it's in the dryer, this college bath towel will dry in five minutes! Don't you wish all your clothes and laundry could do that? Since this college towel is a quick-dry dorm item, you won't have to spend extra quarters to get those bath towels to really dry! This dorm towel will still dry when not in the dryer, of course, but add a little heat and it'll dry up super quick. As bath towels for college students are such dense items, they take the longest to dry in the dryer. This means it'll inhibit your other clothes and other college stuff from drying as quickly, and it will also mean running the dryer longer. Guess what? Those dryers use plenty of energy. Don't be an energy hog! Be green while saving some green too. Who knew such a basic, cheap towel could have such an impact?

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