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Pure And Natural Liquid Hand Soap - Soap With A Cause!
Pure And Natural Liquid Hand Soap - Soap With A Cause!


Pure And Natural Liquid Hand Soap - Soap With A Cause!

Top Features include:
  • Every bottle sold helps donate clean water to people in need
  • Stay clean in college with premium soap!
  • 8 fl. oz bottle. All natural ingredients.
  • Ingredient benefits: Shea Butter = Moisturizing, Aloe = Healing and Soothing, Jojoba Oil = Moisturizing

**Check out our video below to see how these soap products can benefit you and someone else! Made from natural ingredients, you can stay clean in college while helping someone less fortunate.**

Retail Price $10.95
Student Discount Price $6.99
You Save: $3.96
Dorm Co. Tip: Feel good inside and out!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SB-LIQSOP

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Washing your hands while living in a dorm room is even more important. As you can guess, close-quarters living means germs can spread more easily, thus the need to wash those hands extra. While your college dorm communal bathrooms probably have generic, unscented hand soap, by adding your own soap to your college bathroom supplies, you can get more benefits when you simply wash up! For example, the fun and fresh scents of our Pure And Natural Liquid Hand Soap - Soap With A Cause! will leave hands smelling nicer than that plain, pinkish soap oozing out of the dispenser in your communal bathroom. Since this soap is also all natural, the ingredients will be gentler on your skin, and many of the ingredients also have added cleaning and moisturizing benefits.

By adding this soap for college to your dorm stuff, you'll also be doing good for the world! That's not a bad bonus while you're simply college shopping. With each soap bottle sold, helps to bring clean water to people in need around the world. So by simply washing your hands and buying soap as part of your dorm stuff, you'll feel good inside and out! Washing hands will also reduce the spread of germs, meaning such a simple college item can be useful and beneficial in so many ways.

Black Charcoal - Activated charcoal helps remove toxins in skin!

Mandarin Orange - Invigorating, energizing citrus scent

Pomegranate - Provides an exotic, lush scent

Tea and Ginger - Cleanses skin with natural ingredients

Lavender - Lavender has a natural soothing, calming effect

Green Apple - Fresh, fruity, and fun scent!

Brand: SoapBox Soap (Soap = Hope)

More info at:
Clean up and donate! For every bottle of hand soap purchased, you can help donate clean water! Watch this fun video to see how you can help while keeping clean in college!

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