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Oversized College Laundry Duffel Bag - Black
Holds Plenty - Oversized College Laundry Duffel Bag - Black - Needed For Laundry


Oversized College Laundry Duffel Bag - Black

Top Features include:
  • Dual Handles and Dual shoulder straps - Backpack Style
  • Easily our largest laundry bag - 25 gallon capacity - Canvas material
  • Zippered top to keep the dirty laundry smell in
  • Convenient Pocket for dryer sheets & accessories
Retail Price $32.62
Student Discount Price $27.38
You Save: $5.24
Dorm Co. Tip: Carry your laundry in one trip with an oversized duffle bag
Dimensions: 29"H x 18"W

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: F1-1-2-3640115

They say you should always be prepared for the worst. When it comes to doing laundry in college, "the worst" usually means your dorm hamper ripped, or is simply too small to hold all of your clothes. With our Oversized College Laundry Bag you'll be prepared for the worst while making the best out of doing your own laundry in college. Half the battle of getting your laundry done at school is getting it from your college dorm room to the washing machines. Should you drag it? Should you try and roll it down the dorm hallway? Although you could attempt using either of these strategies, we recommend using the handles or straps on our Oversized dorm laundry bag. Instead of kicking or rolling, try wearing or carrying your dorm laundry bag. With duel handles and straps, the way you carry your dirty clothes depends on how full your dorm laundry bag is. When it's been weeks since you've stepped foot into the dorm laundry room, we recommend using the book bag straps. And for those weeks when you've somehow managed to keep your laundry bag from overflowing into your dorm room, use the hand straps instead.

No matter how you carry it, your clothes will make it to the dorm laundry room without falling out. The durable material of our bag is rip resistant, whereas the zipper at the top of the bag is smell resistant. Well, our zipper won't stop your clothes from smelling, but it will keep the nasty smells in your hamper, not in your dorm room. As for your dorm laundry detergent and dryer sheets, our college laundry bag also has a pocket to keep all of your laundry accessories together.

Black is always a good color to have for you college laundry bag because you never know how dirty it will get. With room for 25 gallons of dirty clothes, the only worst case scenario you'll face with our dorm laundry bag is not being able to fill it to the top.

Oversized College Laundry Bag from DormCo

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