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Canvas Mesh Laundry Bag - STRONGEST Oversized Laundry Bag
Canvas Mesh Laundry Bag - STRONGEST Dorm Laundry Bag Dorm Essentials


Canvas Mesh Laundry Bag - STRONGEST Laundry Bag

Top Features include:
  • Durable, extra strong canvas wire mesh for heavy loads!
  • Easy-carry handles
  • Lots of laundry gets heavy - be prepared with this bag!
  • Larger size to hold more clothes
Retail Price $24.99
Student Discount Price $17.59
You Save: $7.40

Dorm Co. Tip: Larger laundry bag means not having to make back-and-forth trips
Dimensions: 35" Height x 23" Wide

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: MESHSLB

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With its larger size and durable material, this laundry bag for college students is a perfect supply for any college student's laundry supplies shopping list. Its canvas mesh wire material and its two handles make it ideal for carrying larger, heavier loads of laundry. If you can admit now that you won't exactly be the kind of student who does laundry every week, you'll need this Canvas Mesh Laundry Bag - STRONGEST Laundry Bag as part of your dorm stuff. A larger-sized college laundry bag also means fewer trips back and forth when you have to carry all that dirty laundry.

If you think about it, it doesn't take very much for your laundry to get pretty heavy. With a few pairs of jeans and some winter clothes, you'll have a full load on your shoulders. Yet with this bigger laundry bag, you can swing it over your shoulder, grasp those two handles, and make your trek to your dorm laundry room. Some cheaper and smaller laundry bags can tear more easily, and plastic hampers can crack if they're dropped or if they collide with something. Yet this STRONGEST laundry bag is made to be more durable and to hold those heavier loads. It's a college item that will make doing laundry in college that much more hassle-free.
Mortal Combat? Or just how powerfully strong this Mesh Laundry Bag really is?!

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