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Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote - Available in 2 Colors
Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote Dorm Storage Solutions

Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote

Top Features include:
  • Medium dorm tote with two handles for easy access
  • Color choices of silver or turquoise to add to dorm room decor!
  • Organize food, cooking utensils, books, movies or other dorm items!
  • Perfect for your dorm dresser or dorm closet!
Retail Price $17.88
Student Discount Price $11.92
You Save: $5.96
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep dorm items organized where you won't lose anything!
Dimensions: 14.37" x 12.01" x 11.61"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 6597-5655


Dorm rooms don't offer much dorm room storage space. Plus you have to share the already small room with your roommate. Whether the college cafe food is tasty or not so tasty, you will probably plan on eating in your dorm room. The problem? Where in the world do you store boxes of Ramen, cereal and granola bars! You don't want them loose in your closet because they'll tip over every time you need something and you definitely don't want to be picking cereal out of your T-Shirts before class. The dorm room storage solution? Our Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote!

Our Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote is perfectly sized to hold boxes of food items organized where there isn't a chance of them tipping over and getting your clean clothes dirty. This dorm essential fits perfectly in your closet either on a shelf or on the floor. Plus if your dorm closet shelf is a little too high for your reach, you could end up pushing boxes back in your closet where you will never reach them. With our Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote, you will have all of your boxes conveniently stored with two easily accessible handles so you can simply bring the whole college tote off of your shelf when you need to. This Medium Resin Form Dorm Tote comes in silver or turquoise so you can choose what best matches your dorm room decor or get one of each for a fun twist! This handy dorm organizer college supply is also perfect for the top of your dorm dresser to hold large lotion bottles and hair care products!

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