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Popcorn Popper - Hot Air Popcorn Maker
Popcorn Popper - Hot Air Popcorn Maker


Popcorn Popper - Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Top features include:

  • Sleek red color
  • Pops using hot air
  • Whole-kernal popcorn is healthier than pre-bagged popcorn
  • One switch operation
Retail Price $35.00
Student Discount Price $15.67
You Save: $19.33
Dorm Co. Tip: The simply more fun way to make popcorn!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: REG-10095

Microwaved popcorn gets the job done, but if you want a fluffier and better-tasting pop corn, use a hot air popper like this Popcorn Popper - Hot Air Popcorn Maker. While you'll need loose popcorn kernels to make the popcorn, it'll be better than microwaved! On movie night in college, this college cooking supply will be the dorm item of choice! While it's always good to first check with your school if it's OK to bring this college item, it'll make some of the best popcorn you've ever had, if you're able to. Trust us, it'll also be a hit among friends! Most students will have only microwave popcorn bags, so bring something different with this unique dorm supply!

There truthfully isn't a ton of cooking that you can do in college from a dorm room, but you can still eat healthy. By popping your own popcorn, you can control how much butter is added, making it a healthier dorm snack. It'll also taste better, have fewer chemicals, and be better all around! But of course, to make popcorn like that, you'll need this college item as part of your dorm stuff. Be sure to add some fun dorm products to your college supplies, as they're what will make dorm life the best it can be.

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