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Turd Toss™
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Turd Toss™ - Inflatable Pool Game

Top Features include:
  • Kids love it! Adults get a good laugh at it - a fun summer pool toy for all ages
  • Take turns tossing the turds into the inflatable, floating toilet. Keep score and see who wins!
  • A fun pool game, invented by 11 year old Ashlyn - check out her original prototype sample
  • Realistic looking neoprene poops, partially filled with beads, bob up and down, making it look like someone really couldn't make it to the bathroom 💩

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Product Code: BG-TURDTOSS

11 years old is usually too young to go to college for a major in Business, but that didn't stop Ashlyn from inventing a fun, new pool game for all ages! Whether you are going to a college pool party, give your kids a different game to play while they swim, or possibly gross out your parents, Turd Toss™ is a lot of fun. You and your opponent take turns throwing the neoprene poops (filled with beads to help them float) into the inflatable floating toilet. Whoever gets the most poops in the bowl wins!

This easy to play pool game for all ages is simple and the definition of "toilet humor" but that doesn't mean it isn't fun and something the whole family will get a kick out of playing. Floating around in the pool is usually a great time, but Turd Toss™ will make it even better!

Includes: Inflatable Toilet and 4 Floating Turds

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