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Pizza Fresh Pizza Reheating Tray
Pizza Fresh Pizza Reheating Tray College Supplies Cheap Dorm Supplies Must Have Dorm Items

Pizza Fresh Pizza Reheating Tray

Top Features include:
  • Cooks pizza in under 1 minute
  • Reheat your leftover pizza without it turning soggy for out of the box taste
  • Elevates pizza so you can have the freshest taste without soggy crust
  • Heat resistant silicone handles
Retail Price $14.95
Student Discount Price $6.99
You Save: $7.96
Dorm Co. Tip: Have your favorite foods right in your dorm room and cook them quickly!
Dimensions: 12"W at widest point, 10" from bottom point to top

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: JOB-JB7576

There are going to be quite a few days of takeout pizza in college. Either your schedule won't match up with the college cafeteria's or you simply won't want to eat there. While getting takeout pizza is exciting and delicious, what comes after isn't so much and that's the leftovers that you'll have. Let's face it - leftover pizza in the microwave is downright awful. However, with our Pizza Fresh Pizza Reheating Tray, it isn't that awful anymore.

Pizza Fresh Pizza Reheating Tray will allow you to have that fresh out of the box taste every time you reheat a slice of your takeout pizza. This dorm essentials item has grooves that elevate the pizza slice so you can have the fresh taste without the soggy crust. Not only that, but it will perfectly support your on the go lifestyle in college. This dorm necessities item cooks perfect pizza in under a minute so you not only have perfect taste, but you will also have it quickly so you can go to class, work, or even the library to study and still have a meal before you go.

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