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Pink White Chevron - Cosmetic Bag
Pink White Chevron - Cosmetic Bag - Travel Bag - College Bath Essential

Pink White Chevron - Cosmetic Bag

Top Features include:
  • Trendy design to ensure all your dorm stuff is fashionable!
  • Holds a variety of cosmetics and bathroom essentials
  • Handle for easier carrying - metal hook for hanging - folds up for transport
  • Have your cosmetics ready to go to save time in the morning!
Retail Price $14.99
Student Discount Price $5.29
You Save: $9.70
Dorm Co. Tip: Combines classic yet trendy design
Dimensions: 11.25" W x 24.50" H

Product Code: APRLFI-CB25-601-P

You have the perfect dorm bedding, some cool dorm decor and a matching rug for college. So why settle for a boring cosmetic bag? This cosmetic bag is anything but ordinary, and it is a dorm room essential for girls. In dorm rooms, there is barely enough room to fit your clothes, let alone other necessities, like makeup and toiletries. You need somewhere to organize your makeup that is within easy reach and matches your dorm room theme. This pink and white chevron cosmetic bag checks off everything on your college shopping list. It's cute and trendy, but classic enough to be used all through your college years and beyond. Chevron is an essential dorm room pattern. Your dorm decor just wouldn't be complete without an item in this girly design.

Let's face it--makeup is expensive. You should treat your cosmetics with care, and not just throw them together in a bag. The pink and white chevron cosmetics bag separates and organizes, so no makeup or toiletries are ruined, and you know exactly where everything is. This will com in handy while getting ready for those dreadful 8 a.m. classes. Everything is right where you need, so you won't have to waste time trying to find your mascara, amid your other makeup and dorm stuff. Not to mention, this case folds down so it's perfect for traveling to the bathroom, a friend's dorm or home for the weekend. With all the demands of college life, a stylish cosmetic bag for college is a dorm room supply you need to have.

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