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Pillow Speakers - Personal Sound Therapy Speakers
Pillow Speakers - Personal Sound Therapy Speakers

Pillow Speakers - Personal Sound Therapy Speakers

Top Features include:
  • Creates your own personal sound machine
  • Works on CD, TV, MP3, & Smartphones - Fall asleep to your favorite sounds without bothering your roommate
  • Volume Control - Use with King or Standard pillows
  • Great way to drown out roommates who stay up too late or worse ... ones who snore!
Retail Price $24.76
Student Discount Price $19.99
You Save: $4.77
Dorm Co. Tip: Great sleep in college is PRICELESS

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: BB2-1-5-SP101

You'll be listening to music in college while you study, while you walk to class and ... while you sleep? Soft music can actually be one useful sleep aid while you're in college. Since it's common to experience some difficulty sleeping while adjusting to the new environment of a dorm room, these Pillow Speakers - Personal Sound Therapy Speakers can lull you right to sleep with your favorite tunes. These dorm accessories provide small and ultra-thin speakers to slip right underneath your dorm pillow and have a volume control to get that soothing sound just right. Even if you don't have any lullabies on your iPod, listening to your favorite bands is always relaxing, as we're sure you know.

Dorms can also be unpleasantly noisy, especially if you're having an early-to-bed night on the weekend. So, let your favorite songs provide background noise, not some noisy, rowdy dorm mates running about in the halls! There's always earplugs to help silence any noisy situation, but earplugs also hinder your ability to wake up with an alarm clock. Soothing music through these pillow speakers will give you something better to listen to, and keep those ears wide open for that 7 a.m. alarm! These mini speakers are so compact that you won't feel them through your pillow, and they'll take up little space if your dorm room is crowded with other dorm stuff.

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