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USA Made Perma-Dry Sound-Free Waterproof XL Mattress Pad
Don't Worry About Spills - Perma-Dry Sound-Free Waterproof XL Mattress Pad - Great For Protecting Bed Topper

Perma-Dry Sound-Free Waterproof XL Mattress Pad

Top Features include:
  • 3 Layer Barrier Fabric with Poly/Cotton face.
  • Durable, Made in the USA dorm bedding product - Machine Washable
  • Waterproof 70-150 PSI, Breathable, Ultra Fresh Antibacterial Finish
  • Prevents Sweating - Sound Free non-vinyl interior (no crunch)

Looking for USA Made Perma-Dry Sound-Free Waterproof Mattress Pad in Full, Queen, or King sizes? Check out:
Retail Price $72.95
Student Discount Price $33.93
You Save: $39.02
Dorm Co. Tip: Be careful - University fines are usually hefty $$
Dimensions: 39" x 80" x 15"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: C2-2-4-14041

What comes to mind when you think waterproof? Loud swooshing sounds? Loud sounds and rough material may be accurate ideas that come to mind for some waterproof products, but not for our Perma-Dry Sound-Free Waterproof XL mattress pad for Twin XL dorm bedding. Our mattress pad for dorm beds is totally waterproof, and completely sound proof. If you're thinking, why do I need a waterproof cover for my Twin XL dorm bedding set, just think of all the time you're going to be spending on your college dorm room. Then think about how much of this time spent in your dorm room will be spent on your dorm room bed!

Throughout the course of the semester you're most likely going to be having a drink or two on your dorm bed. And unless you've never spilled anything before in your life, your twin XL dorm mattress may receive a shower or two. With our Twin XL Mattress pad, spilled liquids won't be able to seep into your mattress after you spill them. We'd love to come up with a dorm accessory that will stop you from spilling drinks on your twin XL dorm bed, but unfortunately this is all we can give you right now! With dimensions of 38''W x 80''L x 15'' D our mattress cover will fit all twin extra long beds. If you've already added a topper to your dorm bedding accessories, then our waterproof cover is a must have bedding supply to keep your topper dry. Just slip our Perma-Dry Mattress Pad underneath your twin XL bed sheets and you'll sleep moisture and sound free. Otherwise, your dorm roommate would be up all night!

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