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Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper - 100% Removable - 20.5" w x 33' long
Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper - 100% Removable - Do It Yourself College Wall Decorating Ideas

Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper - 100% Removable

Top Features include:
  • Allows you to Paint your Dorm Rooms Walls
  • Something different besides just posters!
  • Safe for walls, removable and repositionable
  • Finally a dorm decor product that lets you transform your dorm's decor!

**Recommended for dorm walls, but not for walls painted with flat or matte paint as it uses a water-based adhesive. We do not recommend applying Removable Wallpaper to any course, rough, or textured surfaces as these types of walls allow too much air behind the product which hinders the adhesion. We do recommend that the Removable Wallpaper is applied to a smooth surface in good condition that has been primed and painted with a premium Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, or Satin Finish.**
Retail Price $74.99
Student Discount Price $59.99
You Save: $15.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm Decor is so much more than photos and posters
Dimensions: 20.5"w x 33' long

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: B3-3-8-00299

Paint your dorm walls! That is right, you heard us right ... Paint your dorm walls! Before our Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper, painting your dorm room walls would have been considered a finable offense, an act of graffiti and vandalism that your university would certainly not have approved of. That has all changed with our Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper. This ingenious dorm room product is a 100% removable peel and stick product that goes on with ease and comes off just as easily. With this white Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper you have a blank canvas to design your dorm walls any way you want! Paint it one solid color, make drawings on it, make a signature and quote wall for your friends to write on ... basically do what you want. You are no longer stuck with the drab cinder block dorm walls! Our Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper is all about giving you the freedom to finally decorate your dorm room walls the way you see fit.

With Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper, you can make your own delightful mess on your dorm room walls and no one, not even the dean, can say anything about it. With Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper, feel free to paint, scribble, and mark up your walls legally and with the assurance that all you do is reversible and REMOVABLE. Be free! Have fun! Our Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper is already considered a top dorm room product for 2012 and is slated to be this year's top high school graduation gift for students going off to college. One roll is 33' long and 20.5" wide, which will cover 1/3 - 1/2 of any dorm wall completely. Perfect for covering the area around your desk or around your Twin XL Bed! Create a cozy and well-decorated nook with our Paintable Peel N Stick Wallpaper. Or if you want your entire room or wall completely covered, get a few rolls and transform your dorm room into an unrecognizable place. Have fun with your dorm decor and start by painting your walls any color you want!

* Applying this to matte or flat paint surfaces is not recommended, but most dorm walls are not this type of surface.

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