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College Plush Rug - Orchid Petal
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College Plush Rug - Orchid Petal

Top Features include:
  • Softest Dorm Rug! Seriously the SOFTEST! **DormCo Exclusive**
  • 1.25" high thick plush, free flowing strands
  • Anti-slip gel bead bottom / Side Tapering
  • Machine Washable
**Check out the video below to learn more about DormCo's softest and plushest rug yet, the College Plush Rug!**

Retail Price $68.08
Student Discount Price $38.88
You Save: $29.20
Dorm Co. Tip: The dorm rug you choose will make your room yours

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: PLUSH11-CS


If you're looking for the softest rug for college out there, you've found it! This College Plush Rug - Orchid Petal is made from plush material that is oh-so-soft to the touch. When you wake up and your feet hit this area rug, you'll think you just stepped into your favorite comfy slippers! Area rugs for dorms make a huge difference as far as the overall comfort level of your college dorm. They bring a soft touch that, once you get used to it, will make you wonder how you ever got by with only that bare, hard dorm floor to greet your feet. Consider it your job to make your college dorm as comfy as you can, and to do just that, plush, cheap rugs are the perfect items for college.

Aside from being soft, plush rugs for dorm rooms also add to your college decor. They look great and can really help round out the look of your college dorm. While you might already have your room's walls covered in posters for dorms, don't forget about the floor. It's a big, open space that will need some color too. Since this rug for college has multiple functions, it's an even better dorm product. If you haven't yet added one, plush rugs make a great addition on any dorm shopping list.

The DormCo exclusive College Plush Rug comes in colors that will truly complete your dorm room decor.

3' x 4.75' - College Plush Rug will fit perfectly in front of your Mini-Futon, Closet or Dorm Bed.

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Create your home away from home with the comfort of a College Plush Rug!

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