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OrGREENizer Set - Purple
OrGREENizer Set - Purple dorm Essentials Must Have Dorm Items


OrGREENizer Set - Purple

Top Features include:

  • Includes all in one laundry or dry cleaning bag and featherlight stand
  • Laundry bag has clear window for ID or storage label
  • Bag can be used as a laundry bag, dry cleaning bag, or garment bag
  • Laundry bag has reinforced Hanger hole, shoulder strap and handles, Sturdy loop for hanging hamper, and drawstring closure
Retail Price $46.00
Student Discount Price $17.49
You Save: $28.51
Dorm Co. Tip: Have a multi-purpose laundry and garment bag to help you move in and out of college!

Availability: SHIPS IN 24 HOURS

Looking for the best dorm essentials for your college dorm checklist? Some of the best dorm essentials are compact, multi-purpose, and add to dorm room decor. It's a great feeling when you get a dorm necessities product that combines three functions into one. You save dorm room storage space and you also save money. Our OrGREENizer Set in Purple is one of those multi-purpose dorm essentials that you will absolutely love to have in your college supplies!

Our OrGREENizer Set in Purple comes with a featherlight stand so you can set up the bag to be a dorm laundry bag. This dorm laundry bag can hold a few loads of laundry and is durable to hold plenty of your dirty laundry. After all, it may be a while in between washing loads of laundry. However, this dorm necessities product doesn't just stop at being a durable laundry bag. If you have delicate clothes that need to be dry cleaned, you can use this college supplies product as a dry cleaning bag. Using this college supplies product as a dry cleaning bag will cut down on waste of plastic bags that they would put your clothes in and you can reuse it! There is a clear window on this dorm essentials product that will allow you to put your ID for dry cleaning in or you can use the clear window for a label for dorm storage. But that's not all! This dorm item can also be used to help you move! You can use this dorm laundry bag as a garment bag and place your clothes on their hangers inside and zip it up to make moving much more convenient and keep your clothes wrinkle free. Our OrGREENizer Set in Purple can also be used inside of your dorm closet if you want to keep delicate clothes like dresses and other dress clothes from falling on your dorm closet floor. Our OrGREENizer Set in Purple is durable for whatever purpose you choose to use it for - there are reinforced hanger holes, sturdy loops for hanging up this dorm laundry bag, and shoulder straps and handles to make carrying this dorm item easier. There is even a drawstring closure so that your laundry stays in your dorm laundry bag! Make moving and doing laundry in college so much easier with our OrGREENizer Set in a bright, pretty purple color!

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