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Omelet Maker
Omelet Maker College cooking products

Omelet Maker

Top Features include:
  • Microwave everything you need to make a perfect omelet
  • Innovative design & useful dorm cooking supplies product
  • Dorm Cooking must be fast and taste good, this college product does both
  • Great gift idea for any high school graduate heading to dorm life

**Check out our video below to see how you can easily make a tasty breakfast with this omelet maker and a couple eggs!**

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Retail Price $7.61
Student Discount Price $3.98
You Save: $3.63
Dorm Co. Tip: Have breakfast to concentrate best in class

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: D-BIN-14-GMMC70

Our Omelet Maker brings breakfast directly to your college dorm room. You never made breakfast this fast or easy! Sure we know omelets sounds tough to make or they may sound time consuming, but not with our Omelet Maker. In dorm life there is no such thing as a stove or pots and pans, but you will have a microwave and our Omelet Maker is just the perfect dorm cooking accessory to add to your dorm checklist.

Perfect for a quick AM breakfast, or mid-day / late night dorm room snack. Simply put your omelet ingredients in place and pop in the dorm microwave. Once done you'll have a perfectly cooked omelet.

As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and chances are you might wake up just in time for class, so knowing that time is limited, add out Omelet Maker and you can have a quick meal that actually tastes good.

As this video explains, an awesome breakfast is so simple you won't even have to go to the cafeteria!

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