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Chommie Weighted Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Cuz I'm Cozy - Blackened Navy Ink
Twin XL 17 lb Weighted Comforter with Velvet Duvet Cover Blanket Insert Dorm Bedding Essentials


Chommie Weighted Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Cuz I'm Cozy - Blackened Navy Ink

Top Features include:
  • One-of-a-kind weighted Coma Inducer® college bedding, provides complete coverage for you and your dorm bed
  • Why Weighted? A weighted Twin XL comforter provides a warm hug that brings a level of soothing comfort that basic bedding cannot
  • Holland Velvet Plush Removable Cover - Machine Washable
  • Chommie Weighted Comforter contains plush polyester with an inner glass bead fill. The Twin XL insert has a weight of 17 lbs.

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Dorm Co. Tip: Sleep is important - Go for soft, plush dorm bedding!
Dimensions: 68"W x 90"L

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: N1N-CHM-CUZ-INK-TXL

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Inspired by all humans needing a warm hug from a friend, Chommie®, a slang word for "friend", brings your body a complete hug-like comfort while you sleep. Where an actual friend or partner couldn't possibly disperse the proper weight and warmth distribution the whole night, our Chommie® Weighted Comforter can. This oversized gravity style comforter provides the right amount of weight to soothe and snuggle you for a superior night's sleep no matter what your hectic, possibly anxiety filled day has brought you. Chommie® represents weighted comfort and a safe sleeping place for you to rest your head each night.

This Coma Inducer Chommie® is paired with our Cuz I'm Cozy® Duvet Cover for easy wash care and ultimate comfort. This machine washable cover that's inspired by the best excuse in life "because I'm Cozy". Nothing exemplifies being so comfortably lazy and not wanting to get up than telling someone that you just can't do something since you are so cozy. For example: "Honey can you get me a glass of water".... "Nope!" ... "Why?" ... "Cuz I'm Cozy®". Made of Holland velvet plush, this Coma Inducer® is so irresistibly soft you'll risk getting into a fight with your significant other by refusing to get up, with the excuse "Cuz I'm Cozy®". What makes this Coma Inducer® name even better is that it also has a second meaning! We love double meanings at Byourbed. When you are super cozy don't you just want to tell someone? Who better to tell than your cousin or someone that feels like family so you call them 'cuz'. Sure it's bragging, but our Cuz I'm Cozy Coma Inducer® is just that brag worthy bedding that everyone needs to know about.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little stressed out about college. Starting university and moving away from home are exciting, like any big change these major life events can naturally cause some anxiety. And with the added workload of college courses and the pressure to make new friends on top of your homesickness, some college freshmen may feel overwhelmed in their first few weeks of adjusting to dorm life. That’s okay! College students with anxiety or even just temporary stress can help relieve some of these emotions with anti-anxiety tools and calming products. For example, weighted blankets are one of the best-known stress relieving products, since they can make you feel like you’re fully wrapped up in a warm hug. And with our Chommie Weighted Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Cuz I'm Cozy - Blackened Navy Ink, thanks to an extra plush fill and velvety cover, this Twin XL weighted comforter for dorms provides even more comfort than traditional weighted bedding!

This Twin XL 17 pound weighted blanket for college students features high quality dorm bedding materials to help you unwind from a difficult day of classes. A unique blend of weighted glass beads and a thick, fluffy polyester fill makes this extra long Twin comforter extra soft, unlike plain weighted Twin XL blankets that feature only beads and little to no padding. But what makes this extra long Twin bedding really stand out is the included velvet duvet cover! Most Twin XL weighted blankets are fairly plain, with flat microfiber that detracts from the look of your dorm room decor. But with this Twin XL weighted bedding set, a velour-soft Twin XL duvet cover encases the 17 lb weighted blanket insert in a layer of style and plush coziness. With this dark, black-blue velvet weighted Twin XL comforter on your dorm bed, your dark dorm decor will get an upgrade–and your dorm roommate won’t even be able to tell that this is a set of weighted Twin XL bedding.

Important Safety Note: Chommie Comforter is not recommended for children under the age of 12 due to the added weight and oversized nature of this comforter.

Care Instructions: Chommie Comforter is Dry Clean or Spot Clean Only. Removable Cover is Machine Washable.

Chommie Weighted Comforter with Removable Cover: 68"W x 90"L

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