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Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties - Q KNOT
Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties - Q KNOT Dorm Supplies

Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties - Q KNOT

Top Features include:
  • Includes 12 Q Knots in 3 Different Sizes
  • Smart self locking design - Easy release and retie
  • Ideal for your cords, food bags or anything else your need tied or organized
  • Stretchable, Flexible, Non-Slip & Reusable
Retail Price $5.99
Student Discount Price $4.79
You Save: $1.20

Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm things demand the little necessities

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Product Code: E-BIN-31-QK12

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Our Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties also known as Q KNOT are the perfect way to keep your cords organized and tangle free. This cheap dorm accessory can be used for your computer cords, extension orders, alarm clock cord, TV or just about any other cord with excess that needs to stay together and tangle free. Beyond cords, our Q-KNOT is ideal for closing bags of chips or other foods, holding together pens/highlighters and just about anything that needs to be locked in place or organized. Without a doubt this dorm accessory will be used and reused throughout your semester at college.

How it works:
Instead of rubber bands or twist ties that don't hold, our Q KNOT connects by pulling the strap around your item and through the loop. Once through the loop, simply tighten and the gripping teeth will lock the loop in place creating a tight hold on your cords or other items. To untie, just pull the loop end to release.

Keep Q KNOT in one spot all year long or change it up and use it anywhere you need it to be.

12 Q KNOTS in 3 Sizes
- Small 4 PCS
- Medium 4 PCS
- Large 4 PCS
Colors include red, green & yellow

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