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Moodies - Change Your Mood
Moodies - Change Your Mood


Moodies - Change Your Mood

Top Features include:
  • Easy, Cheap way to add a little color to your dorm!
  • Heat-safe silicone light bulb cover wraps around bulb
  • Turns any CFL or LCD into a Mood Light
  • 100% Dorm Legal & Safe

**Check out our video below to see how you can change the color of the lighting in your dorm room to match your mood! Dorm room safe, plus adds some color to your dorm.**

Retail Price $5.99
Student Discount Price $3.00
You Save: $2.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Add a splash of color for a big effect on your dorm decor!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: MOOD-COLOR


When you first move in to your new dorm, the boring blandness can be hard to overcome. Yet with the right college supplies and dorm decorations, you can transform any dorm room from a generic living space to one that's filled with character and color. Even cheap dorm stuff and simple supplies for college can have a huge effect on how your dorm looks. So to add some color, take any existing dorm desk lamp, floor lamp, or any lamp, really, and affix a Moodies cover over its bulb for a splash of fun color. Our Moodies - Change Your Mood, take any regular CFL or LCD bulb and make it into a mood light!

No matter what mood or setting that you're aiming for when changing your dorm lighting, there's no denying that you'll bring more color and fun to your college decor. And since it's a cheap dorm item, you can add a few to create all sorts of color combinations. Sometimes it's the simplest of dorm supplies that can have such a profound effect on the look and feel of your dorm room, and by altering color, you'll also add character, and, as its name implies, change the whole mood for your living space.
Let the color lighting in your room match the way you feel for the day! Watch this video to see how you can alter your dorm room lighting and make it more conducive to your mood.

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