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Modern Glow Cube Lamp
Needed For Studying - Modern Glow Cube Lamp - Great Design For Lamps

Modern Glow Cube Lamp

Top Features include:
  • Cool shape to add to your college decor
  • When studying or reading, extra lighting helps prevent eyestrain
  • Plugs in for power
  • A desk lamp rounds out your dorm furniture and brings a splash of color!
Retail Price $23.05
Student Discount Price $7.90
Sale Price: $3.50
You Save: $19.55
Dorm Co. Tip: Your college supplies should look as cool as they can!
Dimensions: 11"H 6"W 6"L

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: Z-R-A21090


You already know that adding color to your dorm room is a guaranteed way to make your dorm room and your dorm stuff look better. But what about the design of your supplies for college? Even if you're not an interior design major, you'll see that this Modern Glow Cube Lamp has a cool, new-age look to it that's perfect for being anything but everyday. It's true that lamps for college dorms can be rather typical supplies for college. So have some fun and choose a shape that's anything but dull. Aside from augmenting your college decor, this dorm room lamp will also provide a splash of color, further adding to its appeal as a college decoration and not just a dorm lamp.

And as for its main purpose, this cheap lamp for college students will be great for lighting up any area of your dorm room in which you need to read, study, eat, or do anything which requires lighting ... which is pretty much everything. After plugging in this dorm light, there will be no area of your dorm room that you can't bring some extra lighting to. Don't be expecting a closet light in your small college closet; so be prepared and bring an extra college lamp. More commonly, you'll probably be in bed reading or studying at your dorm desk. That's when a dorm desk lamp really shines! If you don't include a lamp as part of your college stuff, your eyes will quickly regret it, especially after waking up on top of your textbook having fallen asleep in the dim light!

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