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Summertime - Coma Inducer® Sham - Morning Gray
One Morning Gray Summertime Soft and Stretchy Microfiber Standard Size College Pillow Sham

Summertime - Coma Inducer® Sham - Morning Gray

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Dorm Co. Tip: Sleep is important - Go for soft, dorm bedding!
Dimensions: 21" x 27"

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Product Code: J1J-15682-MRNGR-SSH

Inspired by you, our customer. That's right, you've emailed, you've called, you've chatted with us, and you have spoken out on social media. You LOVE our Coma Inducer® so much that you requested a version that could be used in summer. Message received. Our Summertime Coma Inducers provide you with the cozy comfort of our standard Coma Inducer® without so much furry plush so it can be used when the weather turns hot. Although it felt a little strange to make a Coma Inducer® more fit for the summer than the winter, we embraced the challenge. What makes this Coma Inducer® worthy of 'summertime' is less about having a cooling effect and more about not making you sweat. Our Coma Inducer® warmth is intense and a standard Coma Inducer® can really only be used in the summer if you embrace cranking up your air conditioner. With the Summertime Coma Inducer®, we kept everything that you enjoy about the Coma Inducer® brand and simply took out a layer of warmth by removing the faux fur. The peachskin-like soft Bare Bottom® material is featured on both sides to give you soft to the touch bedding for the most relaxing night's sleep possible. Enjoy those hot summer days and use your Coma Inducer® at night ... Double win!!!

Using online dorm supplies websites to purchase all your dorm essentials is a great way to save money on dorm shopping. Unfortunately, the challenge arises when you can’t actually see your new college bedding essentials in person until they arrive. How are you supposed to know that you’re choosing high quality dorm bedding without actually feeling it in your hands? Thankfully, at DormCo we offer a highly curated selection of college essentials chosen by our dorm experts, so you don’t have to wonder. Plus with trusted partners like the Coma Inducer® luxury bedding brand, you can trust that the dorm stuff you’re getting will actually meet and exceed your expectations.

For example, the Summertime - Coma Inducer® Sham - Morning Gray may not be much to look at online. At first glance, this dorm room bedding item seems to be just a plain gray pillow case. However, once you actually add this gray pillow cover to you standard size dorm pillow, you’ll understand what makes this ultra soft pillow sham a part of our Coma Inducer® dorm bedding brand! Made with cuddly Bare Bottom® material, stretchy spandex-infused microfiber adds a touch of silky smoothness to your Twin XL bedding set. With a feel that will remind you of your favorite designer yoga pants, this plush pillow cover is just what you need to upgrade your dorm bedding setup! You'll never go back to shopping in box bog stores for your dorm decor once you try this must-have dorm decor pillow sham from our college dorm bedding website.

Includes (1) Standard Sham: 21" x 27"
Care Instructions: Machine Washable - Gentle Cycle / Cold Wash

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