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Mega Spin Dryer
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Mega Spin Dryer

Top Features include:
  • Dorm room clothes dryer
  • 1600 RPM Spin Speed - Dries Clothes in 3 minutes!
  • 22 Pound load capacity!
  • Weighs 20 Pounds
Retail Price $199.99
Student Discount Price $125.99
You Save: $74.00

Dorm Co. Tip: Keep detergent hidden as it is commonly 'borrowed'
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 20"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: LAU-ALT-127V60HZ

Add WashEZE 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets?

Washing and drying laundry in college is a unique struggle. Sometimes you're going to be waiting days to wash your laundry simply because every time you go to the dorm laundry room, every machine is taken. And then of course you have the greater problem - you were able to get a washing machine without any problem and are rejoicing. However, all of the dryers are taken and there's no way you're going to be able to dry your clothes for another hour or more. You don't want your clothes to become sour from sitting wet in a dorm laundry bag or washing machine for quite a few minutes, however if you're waiting for a dorm dryer, it's a very real possibility. You don't want to re-wash your clothes and waste money. Instead add our Mega Spin Dryer to your dorm essentials.

Our Mega Spin Dryer will save you a lot of hassle in washing and drying your laundry. This dorm essentials item has a 22 pound load capacity which means you can dry a lot of clothes at one time. Possibly even everything in your dorm laundry bag. And what's even better is that it does it in 3 minutes. No more waiting an hour for your clothes to dry and finding out that they're still not dry when you go to take them out of the dorm dryer! While this dorm necessities item drys your clothes in 3 minutes, it also does it right from the convenience of your college dorm room. Simply pull this dorm supply out of your college closet, quickly dry your clothes, and you're done! Plus, with non-slip feet, you can keep this dorm item secured on your dorm floor.

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