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Magnetic Cable Wrap - Grey (2 Piece Set)
Magnetic Cable Wrap - Grey (2 Piece Set) Dorm Organization Dorm Essentials


Magnetic Cable Wrap - Grey (2 Piece Set)

Top Features include:
  • Wrap and snap medium bundles of cords together quickly and easily
  • Magnetic lock to securely hold cords
  • Compact design
  • Keep cords organized in your dorm room storage or while on the go

Retail Price $5.99
Student Discount Price $4.68
You Save: $1.31
Dorm Co. Tip: Save time untangling cords and keep them from getting damaged while on the go

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: RUBI-UTW-SWM2-GY

Dorm electronic cables are the worst dorm essentials to store and transport. When you're transporting them, even if you wrap them up neatly, they always seem to unravel and create a mess. When you don't have them tightly wrapped up and when they unravel, they take up quite a lot of dorm room storage space that you could otherwise use. If you put them in your dorm trunk like this when you're moving into your college dorm room, when you open your dorm trunk you will see a mess of cables that you have to untangle. In fact, when you pull them out of your dorm trunk, chances are you're going to be grabbing up the whole mess of cables and not just one cable. You'll then spend up to an hour of unpacking time trying to untangle your cables and end up becoming frustrated and stressed. Stay stress free by having our Magnetic Cable Wrap in Grey in your college supplies.

Our Magnetic Cable Wrap in Grey comes in a two piece set so you can keep two medium sized bundles of cables organized or multiple small bundles of cables organized in one cable wrap. These dorm necessities work easily - you'll simply wrap the
Magnetic Cable Wrap around your bundle of cables and snap it shut with the magnetic lock. You can even use these college supplies to keep your cords wrapped up while they are plugged in. If you have your dorm laptop plugged in not far from where your laptop is, you don't want a huge cable dangling down and detracting from your dorm room decor. This dorm essentials product will neatly gather the length of cable together to add extra dorm organization to your college dorm room!

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