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Lime Blossom - Dorm Room Scent
A Bunchful Of Lime Blossom - Dorm Room Scent


Lime Blossom - Dorm Room Scent

Top Features include:

  • Scent of clean, fruity fragrance with fresh notes of lime
  • Provides a freshly pleasant smell - Ensures a good smelling dorm
  • A little spray goes a long way!
  • Cover up: Dirty Laundry, Bathroom Smells, Smoke and anything else offensive
  • 6 Oz.

**Check out our video below to see how you can make your nasty smelling dorm, well not so smelly! Dorm room scents are a great alternative to burning candles and incense too.**

Retail Price $11.99
Student Discount Price $6.94
You Save: $5.05
Dorm Co. Tip: You never know who lived in your room before you!
Dimensions: 6 Oz.

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: D2-2-1-12045

Lime Blossom - Dorm Room Scent. Cover those college smells!

Some products you just need to ensure are Made in the USA and room fragrances are one of them. The reason being is that cheap room scents from other countries are often poor in quality and contain high amounts of alcohol and other scents that don't allow a truly natural smell to engulf the room. Our Lime Blossom - Dorm Room Scent is not only intensely real it is something you'll get addicted to smelling. Whether covering up an odor or just giving your room a fresh spray, you'll quickly 'smell' why Lime Blossom is a top selling dorm room scent.

About Lime Blossom Scent:
A clean, fruity fragrance with fresh notes of lime. Cool, soothing and sensual.
Nobody likes a stinky room. Make your dorm room smell great with a dorm room scent! Watch this video to learn more!

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