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Into Focus - Coffee Mug
Super Cool Look - Into Focus - Coffee Mug - Keep Coffee Warm

Into Focus - Coffee Mug
Top Features include:
  • Great gift for photographers, or anyone really!
  • Top Cap to keep drinks warm when walking across campus
  • Realistic camera look
  • Useful and unique dorm accessory
Retail Price $19.75
Student Discount Price $14.98
You Save: $4.77
Dorm Co. Tip: Coffee mugs can have personality too!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: I1-3-4-INTOF

If you don't drink coffee now, give it a few college semesters. Who knows? You could have a full-blown addiction to caffeine after a few weeks of college classes! It's best to come prepared to college prepared for anything, even a possible addiction to coffee. Our In Focus Coffee Mug is a fun and unique way to enjoy your coffee or tea on the way from your college dorm room to the class room every morning. The convenient cap of our dorm coffee mug is perfect for tea and coffee drinkers who are always on the go.

Nothing is worse than getting to class and realizing that your coffee or tea is cold! With our coffee lid your coffee will stay warmer longer, no matter how far the walk from your dorm room to class is. The realistic camera look of our dorm mug if perfect for full blown photographers or just casual coffee drinkers. A dorm mug should be in every college student's survival kit because you never know when you'll need a little caffeine in your day. And when it comes to those inevitable all nighters, you're going to need a quality dorm coffee mug to keep you going. Make your college survival kit picture perfect with our Snap Shot dorm coffee mug that will always keep you in focus.

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