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Ice Cube Bottle Trays - 3 Pack
Ice Cube Bottle Trays - 3 Pack


Ice Cube Bottle Trays - 3 Pack

Top Features include:
  • Ice trays that actually fit in mini-fridge freezers
  • Molds long, narrow ice cubes that can fit into water bottles
  • Keep your drink cold while on the go
  • Simple yet useful solution for college life

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Student Discount Price $5.99
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Dorm Co. Tip: Mini-Fridge freezers can present some challenges

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Product Code: PRO-PLIS-4

Ice cubes are great for keeping your drink cold, but what about when you want to put some cubes in your water bottle? In many cases, you're stuck, as the cubes just won't fit. But instead of settling for that, add some ice cubes that will actually fit. If you include the Ice Cube Bottle Trays - 3 Pack as part of your supplies for college, you'll have ice that's more cylindrical in shape and can fit water bottles easily. It's technically not right to call them cubes. Either way, it's a smart dorm supply to include. College life means you'll be always on the go, so make sure you have a means of chilling your water!

Water bottles are dorm essentials, and are synonymous with college life, which, as you know, involves plenty of walking. So to keep that water cool, add these ice trays. The trays are flexible, so as to easily release the ice. They're also compact, so that you can fit them in the freezers in dorm mini fridges. Plus, you'll get a three pack, which will be more than enough. Even when you're moved on from your dorm, you'll still find this college supply to be a useful item, as it provides a practical solution to a common problem.

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