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Hot Pot
Cooks your Ramen Noodles

Hot Pot

Top Features include:
  • Plug in Pot for boiling water
  • Dorm room safe appliance
  • Cooks Ramen Noodles, Mac N Cheese, Soup & more
  • Considered a must-have dorm product!
  • 32 oz capacity
**Check out our Video Below to see the Hot Pot Genie and of course how the Hot Pot works**

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Retail Price $17.49
Student Discount Price $14.00
You Save: $3.49
Dorm Co. Tip: Cheap Ramen Noodles save $$ vs pizza deliveries

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: M2-2-1-23361

When it comes to dorm cooking if there was ever just one must have dorm appliance then the Hot Pot would be it. No college dorm room is complete without its very own Hot Pot!

If you aren't familiar with the Hot Pot then you may be wondering why it's such an essential part of college life. The reason is its ability to cook up cheap dorm food. College rooms don't have kitchens, which means they don't have stove tops for boiling water or cooking up food. Although students have access to the campus cafeteria and other eating places throughout the day, late nights are a different story. Eating late-night is simply a part of college and there is no dorm product better equipped for cooking in a college room than our Hot Pot.

For starters, always check with your university before purchasing dorm room appliances as many cooking products are considered illegal. Although we urge you to check first, the Hot Pot is one of those rare dorm appliances that is legal on 98% of all college campuses. This product allows you to safely cook in your dorm room.

What it cooks?
If the Hot Pot is the most popular dorm appliance then it might be because it can cook the most popular dorm food, which is Ramen Noodles. It can also cook Mac n Cheese, pasta and soups, but nothing comes close to the popularity of Ramen Noodles in college. Besides tasting good this dorm snack is easy to make and most importantly it's cheap. So cheap that at 32 cents a pack or less you can keep your dorm room stocked up the entire semester.

Our Hot Pot is essentially a plug in pot that boils water. This means anything you would normally cook in a pot on a stove can be cooked on this this ideal college room appliance.
Your hot pot won't include a genie, but you can check one out in this vid!

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