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Stunbrella - 32,000,000* Stun Flashlight
Useful Stunbrella College Campus Safety Accessory Safety Stun Gun and Dorm Flashlight for College Students


Stunbrella - 32,000,0000* Stun Flashlight

Top Features include:
  • Non-working umbrella, but it will rain down a powerful electric charge on any bad guy that gets too close!
  • Stun Gun works through the protective sleeve - only needs to be removed for use of bright LED flashlight
  • Safety Switch - thumb controlled safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Contoured Handle for comfortable grip - Rechargeable Battery
NOTE: We are unable to ship this product to HI, RI, IL, WI, MI, and MA due to laws in those states.
Retail Price $52.05
Student Discount Price $39.95
You Save: $12.10
Dorm Co. Tip: In a bad situation use metal, not your fist
Dimensions: 10" long

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SWSB32BN

When it comes to your dorm room security and your protection on college campus, dorm items that hide their true identity are the perfect way to go. A dorm safe disguised as a book will stop an opportunistic dorm thief from taking your jewelry or other valuable college items. And when it comes to essential dorm safety items, a disguised college stun gun or LED flashlight can give you the upper hand against a bad person. This is definitely the case with the one of a kind Stunbrella - 32,000,000* Stun Flashlight! This college item looks like an umbrella, but it has a hidden secret that will work in your favor if you ever find yourself in a bad situation.

While this unique dorm item looks like a regular umbrella, it is actually a combo LED flashlight and stun gun! If you are approached by someone who thinks you are only armed with an umbrella, you can quickly surprise them with the Stunbrella. Use the stun gun to gain control of the situation or the bright LED light to disorient your attacker, no matter which function you use, this college essential will help you protect yourself if needed. Designed with a finger indented handle and wrist strap and with a lightweight construction, this discrete college safety supply is easy to carry with you, allowing you protection wherever you need it on your college campus.

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