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Hidden Camera Detector
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Hidden Camera Detector

Top Features include:
  • Look through the lens and the flashing LED lights will spot even pinhole sized cameras
  • 3 Different LED Flashing Modes to detect all types of cameras
  • Provides peace of mind when staying in a hotel or AirBnB
  • Motion Activated Alarm -Hang on a doorknob or luggage with the included lanyard
  • Rechargeable - includes a USB cord for fast charging

Retail Price $55.99
Student Discount Price $44.94
You Save: $11.05
Dorm Co. Tip: Privacy and peace of mind go hand in hand

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CE-SWSSHCD

Believe it or not, the use of hidden cameras is on the rise. Spy cameras for hotels and vacation rentals are increasingly common, even with everyday objects like plants and books being used to hide discreet cameras. In fact, some college students even find hidden cameras in their college dorm rooms, placed there by untrustworthy roommates or RAs. While you could do a thorough deep search of your dorm room every few weeks, there are easier ways to check your dorm room for hidden cameras! Our Hidden Camera Detector can help you quickly find hidden cameras if there are any lurking in your dorm room.

With a ring of flashing red LED lights, you’ll be able to easily spot any reflective camera lenses hidden in your college dorm room. Simply look through the clear view window, activate the red LEDs, and scan your dorm for hidden cameras with this hidden camera finder device. Plus, this dorm room security device can also serve as a dorm door alarm! Simply activate the motion detector alarm, hang this dorm safety product on your dorm room door, and if any intruders try to enter you will be instantly alerted. Staying safe in college dorms is easy with our personal safety devices for college students!

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