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Hanging 16 Pocket Organizer
Save Space In Your Dorm - Hanging 16 Pocket Organizer - Great For Bras And Other Clothing


Hanging 16 Pocket Organizer

Top Features include:
  • Hangs from your closet rod with sturdy hook
  • 16 Crystal clear pockets
  • Use for swimsuits, bras or accessories
  • Great for organizing your dorm room closet
Retail Price $15.99
Student Discount Price $8.99
You Save: $7.00
Dimensions: 12" x 56.5"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: F-BIN-6-6044-4259

The first step, and the most important step, toward a well-organized and clean dorm room is preventing all your clothes from getting too cluttered. Whether it's pairs of pants, socks, or your lingerie, it all needs to be organized. To help you out, this Hanging 16 Pocket Organizer provides an easy means of keeping your lingerie, swimwear, and other clothing accessories off the floor and neatly organized. Since the pockets on this college closet shelf are clear, you won't be left guessing what you've stored inside. If you keep all your clothes jammed in a pile or within a dorm organizer bin, you won't have as fast a means of seeing all your clothes and accessories. Just getting dressed in the morning can take that much longer!

While this dorm closet organizer is ideal for lingerie and swimwear, feel free to put whatever clothes or dorm accessories that you'd like in these pockets. No matter what clothes and dorm supplies are being stored, it'll be better to have them hanging in these pockets than accumulating in a pile on the floor! Dorm closet floors are usually the first part of your dorm to get messy, and then the clutter spreads outward until it's taking over half your dorm floor. Keep that college closet clean with this dorm organization product, and that mess won't start in the first place.

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