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HGOOSE® - Down Top Hungarian Featherbed - Full / Full XL
Full or Extra Large Full College Featherbed Topper College Mattress Pad Made with Hungarian Goose Down and Feathers


HGOOSE® - Down Top Hungarian Featherbed - Full / Full XL

Top Features include:
  • 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton
  • Down Top Featherbed with Light Gold Satin Piping, and Anchor Band Straps - Dry Clean Only
  • 90% Hungarian Goose Down / 10% Hungarian Goose Feather (Top Layer), 5% Hungarian Goose Down / 95% Hungarian Goose Feather (Bottom Layer)
  • Dimensions: 54" x 80" - Weight: 4900g
Student Discount Price $306.54

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: HGOOSE-DTFB-FL

What makes a Hungarian college featherbed so unique compared to other dorm mattress toppers? To start, the HGOOSE® - Down Top Hungarian Featherbed - Full / Full XL is filled with Hungarian Goose down clusters and feathers. Is there a difference between Hungarian Goose down and feathers and other down bedding materials when it comes to your essential dorm bedding? There is! Hungary is actually one of the few places in Europe that still raises its Geese in the countryside. This means, when the cold weather hits, that the Hungarian Geese are known to produce large, fluffy clusters of down that make for warm and cozy college bedding. These large down clusters and the pristine feathers of the Geese are then ethically and humanely sourced to create luxurious Full and Full XL bedding for your college apartment or dorm room bed. And, with a DOWNPASS guarantee, you can be rest assured that this high quality white dorm featherbed with gold satin piping was produced from start to finish using tightly controlled and traceable supply chains.

And it isn't just the Hungarian Goose down and feather inner fill of this Full XL featherbed that makes it such a smart choice for your essential college bedding. This down top Full featherbed is made with two layers for optimal Full XL bedding comfort. The bottom layer has a higher ratio of feathers while the top layer has a higher ratio of down to reduce the chance of quills poking you while you sleep. The feathers and down are held in place with a baffle box construction and the entire dorm featherbed has anchor band straps to keep it in place on your Full or extra large Full bed. This means that the luxury comfort of this college down bedding piece will stay in place and not shift whenever you move around on your dorm bed. The cozy inner fill of this Hungarian Goose down and feather college mattress topper is also covered with a soft cotton outer shell to add to the comfort of your cozy dorm bedding essentials.

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