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Grip Shelf Liner - Bright White
Keep Surfaces Protected - Grip Shelf Liner - Bright White - Useful Dorm Item

Grip Shelf Liner - Bright White
Top Features include:
  • Cushions and protects your dorm essentials
  • Protects surface from stains
  • Washable and stain resistant
  • Perfect for dresser, desk and closet shelves, the top of your dresser and the top of your dorm desk!

Retail Price $5.89
Student Discount Price $3.99
You Save: $1.90
Dorm Co. Tip: Add some style to your drawers!
Dimensions: 12 in. x 5 ft.

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: KITH05F-C6B52-06

Good dorm supplies can serve more than one purpose. That's the case with this Grip Shelf Liner - Bright White. This cool dorm item will keep surfaces protected. The inside of your drawers can get pretty dirty, scratched, or otherwise marked up. If you're storing school supplies like pencils or pens that might leak, you'll want something to protect those drawers. If not, you could face fines at the end of the year! So take care of the dorm furniture even if it's not yours. To do so, you'll need some liner as part of your college essentials. It's the sort of dorm supply that smart college shoppers will include!

Shelf liner can also help protect fragile dorm supplies of yours. Let's say you have a few mugs or glasses. If you want to store them, tossing them into a bin with your shoes, for example, probably isn't the best idea. When it comes to fragile supplies for college, you'll want to use some of this liner on the surface of wherever they're being stored. Even if you have some electronics or other college items besides just glass, it's best to take precautions with your college stuff. Those essentials for college are essential after all! So be smart while you're dorm shopping and add some liner to your dorm checklist.

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