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Showaflops - Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal - Navy/White
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Showaflops - Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal

Top Features include:
  • Doesn't just keep your feet off the floor it is Anti-Microbial too!
  • Ultra Comfort with Velcro Enclosure - Best of the Best when it comes to shower shoes
  • Unique drainage holes & Textured pebble surface help limit wet feet from sliding
  • Deep Diamond Grooves on Bottom to help prevent slipping on slick or wet surfaces
Retail Price $29.99
Student Discount Price $27.99
You Save: $2.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm shower floor is clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SHBO-444M-NAVYWHT


Okay college guys, let’s be honest. However gross you think your communal college showers might be, they’re probably even dirtier than that. With dozens of college students living on one floor and sharing a dorm residence hall bathroom, the shared shower floor will be moist 24/7 which is the perfect environment for nasty microbes and bacteria to grow. Even though college dudes may not be the cleanest humans on earth, you gotta have some standards and wear basic college shower shoes to protect your feet from the dirty bathroom water that pools in college guys’ showers. And no, regular flip flops or slide sandals won’t do the trick—they just hold even more gross college shower water that you want to stay away from.

Thankfully, the Showaflops - Men's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal - Navy/White can add a layer of protection the way other flip flops or slide sandals can’t. With specially designed drainage holes, this useful dorm accessory will keep water away from your feet to keep them clean. Plus, these practical shower slides feature an easy to use velcro closure that won’t come undone in your college shower. And thanks to deep diamond grooves in the bottom and a textured pebble surface on top, these anti-slip shower sandals for college guys mean you can keep your balance even in slippery, soapy shower water. These guy's college shower shoes are the perfect college essential that you can also use at the gym, at the beach, at the pool, or anywhere else you want antimicrobial protection!

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