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The Original Plush - Coma Inducer® - Full Sheet Set - White
White Dorm Bedding Plush Sheet Set Full Sheets College Room Essentials Checklist


The Original Plush - Coma Inducer® - Full Sheet Set - White

Top Features include:
  • Sized to fit your size Full dorm bed
  • Insanely soft and plush-feeling sheets for cozy college bedding
  • 4 Piece Set: Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases
  • Machine Washable - Durably Made - Thick, cozy, and warm!

Student Discount Price $71.03
Dorm Co. Tip: Get a heavenly snuggle for your size Full dorm bed
Dimensions: Flat Sheet: 82" x 96", Fitted Sheet: 54" x 75" x 14", 2 Pillowcases: 20" x 30"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Inspired by the goal to create bedding so undeniably comfortable that you are unable to leave your bed. Physically not being able to get out of bed is the sole mission of our original Coma Inducer® plush sheet sets. Imagine bedding sheets so plush and cozy that you are literally unable to move.... not because you can't, but because you won't! To be unwilling to start your day because your bed feels too good is the ultimate compliment and purpose of our Original Coma Inducer®. Made of cozy, plush 330 GSM silky soft heaven, our Original Coma Inducer® has sparked a bedding brand that embodies and represents the ultimate in bedding comfort.

It may come as no surprise that we are obsessed with curating a selection of the coziest, softest dorm bedding essentials to help make freshmen more comfortable in their new home away from home. Moving out for the first time and starting college is a big life change, and we believe that when students feel truly at home in their dorm rooms, they can more easily transition to dorm life for better success in college. In fact, studies show that students who live on-campus are usually more academically successful than off-campus students. Your on-campus quality of life really begins with your college bedding essentials, which begins with your dorm sheet set! If you want to really make your dorm feel cozy and comfortable, choosing a plush, soft Full size sheet set is the way to go.

The Original Plush - Coma Inducer® - Full Sheet Set - White features cuddly luxury plush to help you get extra comfy in your new dorm room. A white deep pocket Full fitted sheet will encase your Full dorm mattress and dorm foam mattress topper in a warm layer of coziness, while the oversized Full flat sheet may remind you more of a throw blanket than a traditional sheet. Two white plush pillow shams complete this Full size college sheet set, so every inch of your Full size dorm bed will be engulfed in this soothing soft bedding. After adding these white Full sheets to your dorm Full size mattress, you may be surprised by how it significantly makes your dorm bed more comfortable. And when your college Full bed feels comfortable, you can feel safe and at home in your dorm room, ready to succeed in your college journey all the way from move-in day to graduation!

Flat Sheet: 82" x 96"
Fitted Sheet: 54" x 75" x 14"
2 Pillowcases: 20" x 30"

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