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Mini 68,000,000* Stun Gun (Multiple Colors)
College Self Defense Mini Stun Gun  with Holster and LED Flashlight Dorm Security Item


Mini 68,000,000* Stun Gun

Top Features include:
  • Features two spikes, large stun area, bright LED flashlight, and safety switch
  • Simply hit the Stun Activation Button to activate! Allows quick reaction, and rubberized armor coating ensures a firm grip
  • 2 Stun areas deliver powerful electric current - eliminates need for pinpoint accuracy
  • Compact easy-to-carry design includes a nylon holster with belt loop - Built-In Charger for Battery
NOTE: We are unable to ship this product to HI, RI, IL, WI, MI, and MA due to laws in those states.
Retail Price $22.99
Student Discount Price $15.28
You Save: $7.71
Dorm Co. Tip: It's always good to be prepared when it comes to personal safety

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CE-JMS68NOL


When you're doing your dorm supplies shopping, self defense may be the last thing on your mind. However, as crime rates are on the rise, even college campuses are not 100% safe from danger. Most universities have great campus safety programs in place, but investing in a self defense tool for college freshmen is a great way to be prepared for any unexpected emergencies. But when there are dozens of options for personal safety devices, what option should you choose? Pepper spray, pocket knives, alarms, or something else? In fact, a stun gun is often cited as one of the best choices for self defense gadgets for women and men alike! Easy to use, more effective than alarms or pepper spray, and without lasting damage like pocket knives, a trusty taster can quickly stun an attacker and give you enough time to run away to safety.

Our Mini 68,000,000* Stun Gun (Multiple Colors) is one of the best affordable tasers available to consumers. Delivering a massive (but nonlethal) shock, with a frightening buzz noise and visual electricity jumping from the electrodes, this mini stun gun packs a mean punch! A rubberized coating means your hands will be 100% safe from electricity while using this self defense taser for women and men. Plus, a clear safety switch means you can have this blue, black, purple, or pink taser safely in your backpack, purse, or pocket without the fear of accidentally shocking yourself. A built-in charger means you don't have to worry about replacing batteries. An LED flashlight also adds extra safety. And with an included holster bag for your mini taser, you can always keep this rechargeable taser flashlight close at hand for any emergencies!

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