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Redhaired Husky - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter
Designer Dorm Bedding Set Luxury Twin XL Bedspread College Faux Fur Comforter with Pillow Shams


Redhaired Husky - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter

Top Features include:
  • Sized true Twin XL for dorm beds - warm, cozy, and addictive in comfort
  • Super soft, luxury plush for ultimate coziness from your college bedding
  • Reverse features our smooth, velvety Baby Blanket Plush designed to caress
  • Textured comforter set with a hand feel that's inspired by its namesake breed

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Dorm Co. Tip: Sleep is important - Go for soft, dorm bedding!
Dimensions: 68" x 90" - Comforter, 20" x 26" x 2" Flange - Standard Sham

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: B1B-RED-HUSKY-TXL

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Inspired by our love of man's best friend. Who can resist snuggling up with their cute, cuddly, lovable dog at the end of a long day? Especially when your dog is in that super tired mode where they are almost like a breathing stuffed animal... yeah, that mode where you can lift a paw and it just flops down. It's the type of tiredness where you know you can do anything and they'll let you. That's the best. Coma Inducer® has taken our love for dogs to the next level with our Redhaired Husky Coma Inducer®. Fully designed to bring the look and feel of a Siberian Husky with red fur to the comforts of your bed. Now, if you already have a real Redhaired Husky, your dog might be confused as it tries to figure out how this comforter could be its twin. The warm, thick and cozy plush consists of 780 GSM of Husky-like coat to elevate your bed to doggy heaven status. The furry top is paired with a smooth plush that can best be described as petting your dog's tummy as you fall into Coma Worthy Sleep®. Did we go overboard... sure, that's what we do at Coma Inducer®. Everything oversized, over-plush and over-authentic, right down to the color tones chosen to match the certain coloring of the majestic Redhaired Husky.

At DormCo, our goal is to offer the most comfortable college bedding, so why not model our Redhaired Husky - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter after one of the most cuddle-worthy dogs out there? Siberian Huskies have a double coat that makes you just want to cuddle them for hours. But, anyone who has ever owned a husky can tell you they might not always be onboard with that plan. They can be stubborn, sassy, and headstrong, so even if you have a husky you aren't guaranteed cuddles. So if you want something fluffy and soft that is always down for cuddling, you'll definitely want to think about adding this faux fur comforter to your college bedding set!

This thick Twin XL comforter is covered in a luxuriously soft plush on the top side and a shorter plush on the underside that feels as soft and soothing as a velvety smooth baby blanket. And since this soft plush Twin extra long comforter is made with extra long and extra wide bedding dimensions, it will look and feel like you have the world's largest husky on your bed! The luxurious look of this high quality plush comforter with the textured style and neutral color scheme make it more than just a cozy dorm bedding essential. As soon as you add this Twin extra long comforter set to your dorm bed, you'll see how it transforms the style of your dorm room for the better!


Twin XL Comforter: 68" x 90"
(1) Standard Sham: 20" x 26" x 2" Flange

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