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Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Security
Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Dorm Essentials


Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

Top Features include:
  • Simulates the light of a real HD TV - outside it looks like someone is in your dorm, preventing a burglary.
  • Point at shades or dorm curtains
  • Built-in Light Sensor/Timer
  • AC Adapter included
**Check out the video below to learn how helpful the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent is in both dorm rooms and off campus residences!**
Retail Price $29.99
Student Discount Price $12.48
You Save: $17.51
Dorm Co. Tip: Make it look like you are home when you are at class or out at night for dorm security!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: FTV-7-US

When you're making your college dorm checklist and putting together dorm essentials for college, don't forget about dorm security. You don't want to head to college without simple dorm security such as dorm safes and padlocks for your dorm trunk. We hope you never have to experience theft in college, but it is best to be preventative from the start instead of sorry later. You don't want to get simple dorm security solutions for your college dorm room after the theft- have them before and you and your roommate will be glad you did! Our Fake TV Burglar Deterrent is a simple addition to your dorm room that will provide peace of mind when you are out of your dorm room.

Our Fake TV Burglar Deterrent is a compact, simple solution for dorm room security. You can even easily store it in your dorm desk or college trunk when it's not in use. When you're going out at night, you can set it up pointing at your shades or dorm curtains so that it looks like you are in your dorm room watching TV. The Fake TV Burglar Deterrent simulates the lights of a real HD TV so that it looks like you are watching TV in your dorm room instead of out of your dorm room. This prevents theft because anyone that looks at your dorm window will think that you are home. You don't want to spend a much needed relaxing night out worrying about your dorm essentials in your college dorm room. This handy college supply will provide the peace of mind you need to have fun and not worry while you're not in your dorm room.
See just how helpful this theft deterrent can be in your dorm room or off campus residence!

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