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FL-J Suitcase Trunk - Pink
FL-J Suitcase Trunk - Pink Storage Trunk For College


FL-J Suitcase Trunk - Pink

Top Features include:
  • Provides the best of both worlds. Similar to a trunk in its style and durability, yet also similar to a suitcase in that it is approved for travel as checked-in luggage
  • Excellent security - Triple Locking Mechanism. Two side key locks. One center combination lock.
  • Durable Wheels (4 Base wheels for easy transport), Extendable Top Pull Handle, Side Carry Handle, Interior Pockets (1 side pocket and 1 large top zipper pocket), Adjustable Straps to Prevent packed items from sliding, Stylish design for added Dorm Decor
  • Lightweight (15.80lbs), Durable and Sized (Shape) for fitting in dorm closets or under your dorm bed (if bed risers are used or frame raised).
**Check out the video below to learn more about the great qualities and features of the FL-J Suitcase!**

Retail Price $199.99
Student Discount Price $68.74
You Save: $131.25
Dorm Co. Tip: A dorm product that has two functions is a solid find!
Dimensions: 32" Long x 22" Wide x 12.5" Depth

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: FLJ-PINK

Picture this- you're just moved into your college dorm room and you've unpacked all your items only to find that some don't have a place. Piled on your bed are seasonal clothes that you had to take down because you didn't have room for your jeans or dresses and you have that extra set of Twin XL Sheets but have no clue where to put them and now you're a little overwhelmed. Have no fear, DormCo can help you! Start your moving day off right with our FL-J Suitcase Trunk in Pink. You can use it for packing items from home to college and use it even more as dorm room storage! If you have extra clothes that you don't wear often but thought it would be good to have just in case, pack them away in your trunk for college! And that extra Twin XL Sheet set? Yes, that can go in there too! Bonus- since all of those things are properly stored, they won't be wrinkled when you take them out because the adjustable straps will keep them from sliding around!

Okay, you have your storage trunk for college packed up but where can you store it in your college dorm room? In your closet, of course! Our FL-J Suitcase Trunk - Pink fits really well in your closet or can even be used as under bed storage if you have bed risers! Let's say you packed that storage trunk to the brim and you're worried about carrying it. Well this is a dorm trunk with wheels that has an extendable handle! Your dorm bed is lumpy enough to hurt your back without proper dorm bedding, we don't want you to hurt your back carrying a heavy trunk for college- wheel it over to where you want it! And did we mention this FL-J Suitcase Trunk has two side locks and a combination lock to keep any valuables you want in it safe? You may think the benefits of this storage trunk stop there, but they don't- it's also approved for travel as checked-in luggage!

What Does FL-J stand for?
Great question! FL-J is not just random letters put together that sound cool. FL-J has real meaning. It stands for Free Loading - Jason (or for you girls out there you can sub in the name Julie).

During his two weeks of freshman year at college the founder of met a 'student' named Jason. Jason showed up on Xavier's dorm wing at Kuhlman with just a suitcase and pretended to be a student at the University. Jason said his dorm room wasn't ready yet and he needed a place to stay for a few weeks. His story was believable and for two weeks Jason hopped from dorm room to dorm room sleeping on the floor or available couch in each room. Everyone loved Jason's charisma and humor, but when stuff started to come up missing and Jason's actual dorm room seemed to never be ready .... the clock was ticking on Jason's free loading. Finally Jason couldn't hide reality any longer. When asked about his classes his lies were obvious. When asked about his time as a 'walk on basketball player' (another good story) his lies just couldn't be covered up anymore. The truth was out and the Legend of FL-J ... Free Loading Jason forever lives in the memory of every guy who lived on the second floor of Kuhlman Hall that fateful freshman August.

With just a suitcase packed, Free Loading Jason was gone as fast as he came in. And in memory of Jason and all Free Loaders out there, has created the ultimate College Suitcase Trunk..... appropriately named the FL-J.

Use the FL-J responsibly.

Exterior Dimensions:
32" Length (Height) x 22" Width x 12.5" Depth

Interior Dimensions:
28" Length (Height) x 21" Width x 12.25"
A product with the durability of a trunk, but the convenience of a suitcase...Can't beat that! Watch this video to learn more!

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