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Blanketry - Coma Inducer® Light - Twin XL Blanket - Steel Gray
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Blanketry - Coma Inducer® Light - Twin XL Blanket - Steel Gray

Top Features include:
  • Twin XL Bed Blanket doubles as an Oversized Throw to cover you from head to toe
  • Ideal for relaxing on the couch, across your bed for warmth, or as a dorm décor accent piece
  • Lightweight Plush Blanket in solid Gray by the makers of your favorite Coma Inducer® bedding
  • Worthy of use year round with a combination of just enough warmth without causing you to overheat!

Student Discount Price $26.34
Dorm Co. Tip: Twin XL Dorm Beds need True Twin XL Bed Blankets
Dimensions: 50" x 80"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: P1P-B-BTRY-SG-TXL

Inspired by one of our customers, Karen Lillie, who wrote to us saying, "I love our comforter! The only thing I’d be looking for is a nice and light summer comforter. You have soo many creative options, I have nothing to contribute as I feel like you’ve pretty much covered all bases in your varying lines of blanketry 😀". After this message, we let Karen know that she just did contribute! We learned a new word that day... "Blanketry". Since there was one area of Blanketry we had not yet covered, we were inspired to name our line of lightweight, summer worthy blankets, 'Blanketry'. Made of lightweight sherpa fleece, our Blanketry is the magician of blankets. With a show-stopping combination of just enough warmth and not too much overheating you can use our Blanketry in a variety of places. Use it as your summer bedding blanket, oversized couch throw, or take it outdoors while camping or relaxing poolside! Blanketry cannot be boxed into just one kind of use! Resist the AC chill while avoiding the overly plush blanket sweat with our low priced, yet high quality Blanketry.

When you are living in a small dorm room, you may not always have a chance to keep a ton of extra Twin XL bedding on hand. While we suggest layering your XL Twin bedding, you can't throw everything on your dorm bed at once, and your dorm organizers and college storage supplies will most likely be filled up as well. Luckily, we have an idea how you can enjoy comfortable college bedding no matter what the season. Created to give you plush and cozy dorm bedding that is also lightweight and not suffocating, our Blanketry - Coma Inducer® Light - Twin XL Blanket - Steel Gray is the perfect dorm blanket.

The soft plush bedding material that makes up this machine washable college blanket can feel warm and cozy when you are snuggled up on your dorm bed. Just need a layer of soft comfort draped over you when you are hanging out in your dorm room? This gray Twin XL blanket is perfect for that, too! Sized to fit Twin XL dorm beds, this plush college bedding piece can also double as a dorm throw blanket. Lightweight enough to provide you with cozy comfort without making you feel like you are wrestling with an oversized college comforter, this Twin XL dorm blanket will make you feel all nice and cozy no matter where you are in your college dorm room.

TXL Bed Blanket Dimensions: 50" x 80"
Care Instructions: Machine Washable - Gentle Cycle / Cold Wash

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