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RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed - Twin XL
Must Have Dorm Bedding Essentials Recycled Down Filled Featherbed Twin XL Mattress Topper


RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed - Twin XL

Top Features include:
  • 100% Cotton 233TC Shell - Luxury College Bedding
  • Reprocessed Down Top Featherbed with Green Cotton Piping
  • Anchor Band Straps help keep this topper in place on your TXL bed
  • 70% Newly Processed Down / 30% Newly Processed Feather (Top Layer), 5% Newly Processed Down / 95% Newly Processed Feather (Bottom Layer)
  • Made in Hungary - Dry Clean Only

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Student Discount Price $178.88
Dorm Co. Tip: Featherbeds are best placed under fitted sheets
Dimensions: 39" x 80"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

RE-DUCE® by definition is environmentally conscious down bedding. Made in Hungary with 100% reprocessed down, RE-DUCE® takes what was destined for a landfill and makes it new, creating purified and reclaimed down bedding excellence.

Byourbed, founded in Buffalo, NY, understands cold weather and the hard working attitude needed to prevent waste. Together, these qualities inspired RE-DUCE®
as the leading brand in repurposed, high quality down bedding luxury.

Revitalized Down
Revitalized Planet
Revitalized Sleep

Chances are, the dorm bed that your college or university provides is going to have an older Twin XL mattress that has been previously used. Since you are already going to be dealing with a recycled dorm mattress, the thought of a recycled college comforter might not be too appealing. We get it, you want new college essentials for your dorm room, so our RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed - Twin XL might not pique your interest. Fortunately, this high quality Twin XL featherbed is filled with revitalized down and feathers for revitalized comfort and cleanliness. Since part of the job of an essential college featherbed is to protect you from your previously used dorm mattress, it was key that this XL Twin featherbed was as clean as possible. To ensure cleanliness, the recycled down clusters and feathers are subjected to a thorough cleaning process that leaves them good as new! This rigorous cleaning process starts with washing the feathers and down up to 6 to 8 times, then drying them at temperatures exceeding 212°F, and then putting them through a final disinfecting process. In order for the inner fill of this dorm featherbed to be clean enough for use, each piece is also examined to ensure it meets Downafresh® certified hygiene standards.

This repurposed XL Twin featherbed for your dorm mattress is so clean, it is also NOMITE® certified! Pesky dust mites can cause allergies, which in turn will cause issues with your sleep cycle. Try making it through a college semester successfully if you are up most nights sneezing and sniffling. This certification means that this recycled college featherbed meets anti-allergen standards that make it suitable for use by anyone with dust mite allergies. And not only will this dorm down featherbed cover your Twin XL mattress in clean protection, but also in comfort! A college featherbed helps to increase the comfort that most used dorm mattresses lack. Crafted with a top and bottom layer for maximum comfort, this Twin XL featherbed is filled to perfection with soft down and feathers. Combining the unique comforts of down and feathers, the top layer of this high quality college featherbed is made with 70% newly processed down and 30% newly processed feathers to help reduce poking from feather quills. Luxurious comfort and clean protection is a must for any dorm bed, and the anchor band straps on this Twin extra long down featherbed help it stay in place on your old college mattress so you don't have to worry about it shifting underneath your dorm bedding essentials.

Twin XL Featherbed: 39" x 80"
Total Weight: 3850g

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