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Europe and Asia Ungrounded Plug Adapter
Europe and Asia Ungrounded Plug Adapter Must Have Dorm Room Gadgets


Europe and Asia Ungrounded Plug Adapter

Top Features include:
  • Round pin adapter accepts North American plugs
  • Adapts two-prong plugs for use in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa
  • Safe for use for smartphone and tablet power cords
  • A dorm essential for college students going to school or travelling internationally!
Retail Price $4.99
Student Discount Price $3.50
You Save: $1.49
Dorm Co. Tip: If you're going to school internationally or travelling, you will need a plug adapter!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: T-ST-E1003-E-UG


You may be going to college internationally or plan on taking advantage of your college's study abroad programs if available. With so many dorm essentials on your college dorm checklist, it can be easy for forget some of the simplest things. We know how it is- your college dorm checklist is so long and you start scribbling dorm items off the list and you think you have everything so you throw the list away. Come to find out, you didn't have everything because the things you still needed blended in with the scribbles. You may think you would notice what you were missing when you start packing for college, but unfortunately you don't realize what you're missing until you're completely unpacked and go to use the dorm item that you're missing.

Picture this- you arrive at your college in Europe, you are all unpacked and you really want to call your friends and family and update them on your arrival and cool things you saw when arriving. You pull out your phone and find that it needs to be charged. No big deal, you'll just pull out your cell phone charger. It's when you go to plug in your cell phone that you realize you forgot something major- electrical outlets are not created the same in every country! Avoid becoming stressed by having this realization too late by being prepared from the start with our Europe and Asia Ungrounded Plug Adapter! This handy college supply is essential if you want to use your cell phone or tablet. Or really any electronic dorm item you have. This round pin adapter accepts North American two-prong plugs and adapts them for use in Europe, Asia and parts of the Caribbean and Africa. Plus this Europe and Asia Ungrounded Plug Adapter is super compact and lightweight so it will take up barely any precious dorm luggage space!

**Important Note: International electrical current varies. If you have a 100V appliance, it may also require a converter for safe usage.

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