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Essential College Clip Light - USB Or Outlet
Essential College Clip Light - USB Or Outlet


Essential College Clip Light - USB Or Outlet

Top Features include:
  • Flexible neck allows you to get the best angle
  • Provides dorm lighting where you need it
  • Perfect for clipping to your dorm bed or desk
  • Plugs in for power - can plug into USB or wall outlet
**Check out the video below to see some great dorm room products to add to your college dorm**
Retail Price $14.07
Student Discount Price $7.45
You Save: $6.62
Dorm Co. Tip: W/O a nightstand you'll want to clip a bed light

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Versatility when it comes to your dorm stuff is very important. While you should buy enough college stuff to be fully prepared for college, you'll want those important college items to be the best they can, and that includes making them versatile. For that purpose, this Essential College Clip Light - USB Or Outlet is the perfect clip lamp. It can plug into the wall for power or can plug into a USB outlet on your laptop. Having both of these abilities is important, as there will certainly be times when you're unable to locate an outlet for power. If you're studying in the library or any building on campus and aren't near the wall, you'll never find an outlet. That's when this college clip light can come in handy!

Clip lights are also needed dorm supplies for studying in your room. If your roommate's going to sleep and you'd like to stay up reading or studying, this handy clip light will really be useful. Since you can't leave the overhead light on, you can angle this light and keep reading or studying without disturbing a sleeping roommate. Even if you're seated at your dorm desk, you can't always rely on overhead light to get the best lighting. But with a clip light for college, you can reduce eyestrain and get just the angle you need. The flexible neck of this light will allow for proper lighting and ensure it becomes a useful dorm study supply.
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