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Entry Defense Door Alarm
Useful For Doors And Windows - Entry Defense Door Alarm - College Safety Is Important


Entry Defense Door Alarm

Top Features include:
  • Use on your dorm room door
  • Loud 95 db Emergency alarm - alarm stops when door is closed
  • Alarm triggered after when door is opened
  • Provides peace of mind against unwanted intruders
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Retail Price $15.99
Student Discount Price $12.94
You Save: $3.05
Dorm Co. Tip: Protect yourself at all times

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: E-BIN-6-EDEF-SE0109

Feeling safe at college is a necessity if you're going to enjoy dorm life. Dorms are, of course, quite secure in general, as your dorm will probably require a key for entry and your dorm room will definitely require a key. Still, sometimes it takes that extra step to achieve peace of mind. With this Entry Defense Door Alarm, you'll have an added security measure for your dorm room. When this alarm is activated (it's controlled by an on-off switch), there will be a loud, continuous beep until the door is closed. Worried about thieves breaking in in the night? Fear not with this dorm room security product.

Dorm security items like this dorm alarm are also great for when your roommate is home for the weekend. Dorm rooms are small, but it can still get a little spooky in there, especially after watching a scary movie! No intruders will be sticking around if they hear such a piercing alarm! Since "intruders" might just be a couple fellow students looking to steal a few quick-sell items, make sure you deter any potential thieves with this alarm. After all, if someone steals your room key, gaining access is all too easy. But if this dorm safety product is equipped, they'll be quickly scared off, leaving your dorm items and dorm valuables safe and sound. For added security, you can also use this dorm room alarm on your windows.

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