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Emergency Smart Phone Charger
Emergency Smart Phone Charger


Emergency Smart Phone Charger

Top Features include:
  • Charges your phone in case of an emergency - up to 120 minutes of extra life
  • Compact 5" tube you can keep in your car, purse or jacket pocket - connects via USB port
  • Perfect backup for when your phone dies in an emergency-type situation
  • Great for college students on campus who are always on the go
  • Requires 2 AA batteries
  • **Deluxe red-colored charger (not pictured) charges via USB charging cable (included) Regular charger

Retail Price $8.50
Student Discount Price $5.95
You Save: $2.55

Dorm Co. Tip: Peace of mind is sometimes all you need

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SMCH-JB6514


** Upgrade to red Deluxe charger (not pictured) to fully charge cellphone. Regular blue charger cannot charge battery to full power, but deluxe can. Deluxe charger charges via USB charging cable (included)

The always-on-the-go style of college life means when that cellphone battery starts running low, you can be in big trouble if you're far away from your charger back in your dorm room. Think about it, if you're cellphone-less for an hour, your friends might start thinking something awful happened to you! When your cellphone battery's dead, make sure your friends know that you're not. Keep this Emergency Smart Phone Charger as part of your supplies for college, and you'll have power on the go. Even if you carry your phone charger with you, you'll still have to find an outlet to power up. With this Emergency Smart Phone Charger, you'll need only a couple batteries. The regular charger will bring power back to your cellphone but upgrade to the deluxe charger to charge back up to full power.

Your cellphone was probably an important essential throughout high school, yet in college life, it's even more important—after all, mom and dad will be trying to call you 24/7. Don't keep them waiting ... or wondering about your whereabouts (parents never like that). Keep the most vital college supply of them all always powered up and in use. You'll probably have your cellphone synched up to your school email too, and missing vital emails because of a dead cellphone battery is a futile excuse when it comes to stern college professors. Plus, how are you going to play games on your phone in class if the battery's dead? We're kidding! But those cellphone games are addicting ... so don't be stuck without entertainment.

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