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Electric Skillet
Must-have for Dorm room cooking

Electric Skillet

Top Features include:
  • Plug in Skillet
  • Creates a frying pan without illegal gas burners
  • Great for dorm cooking
  • Non-Stick Coating
NOTE: Skillets are not permitted on all college campuses, before purchasing please check with your University's rules and regulations.
Retail Price $19.99
Student Discount Price $8.49
You Save: $11.50
Dorm Co. Tip: Best not to be a mooch, cook your own dorm food

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: M1-5-2-23721

Dorm cooking at its finest!

Our Electric Skillet let's you be your own dorm room chef or at least it allows you to make a hot meal anytime you want it. Your dorm room is your everything room. You'll sleep, study and hang out in your dorm room. The one aspect of your 'everything room' that is lacking is a kitchen. This may be a good idea as some of your fellow college classmates might burn down the dorm, but that doesn't solve that late night hunger crave or that early am breakfast need. Many dorm cooking products are considered illegal so please check with your university's rules before purchasing your dorm appliances.

The Dorm Co Electric Skillet provides what is essentially a plug in Hot Pot for frying up food. What the Hot Pot does for boiling water and making Ramen Noodles, the Electric Skillet does for making eggs, sausage or anything else you would normally cook in a frying pan. Since a stove and gas burner are highly illegal in dorms, we provide you will a plug in Electric Skillet that produces enough heat to cook up good dorm eats, without the concern of setting your residence hall on fire.

If one thing is certain in college it is that you'll want to make food in your college dorm room. Most of these meals will come after a late night of studying or partying (when all the campus dining halls are closed and your only option is dorm food). Papa John's pizza and breadsticks is a good splurge once in a while, but you'll find cooking up some quick food on your own to be a must! Enjoy dorm room cooking!

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